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Braces at Village Orthodontics near Norcross

At Village Orthodontics, Dr. Freedman and his staff strive every day to provide you with the highest level of care in a warm and caring environment.  You will love your smile when your treatment is complete - just see what people are saying about us, and take a minute to view a sample of our results.  Located in Dunwoody Village, we are convenient to everyone who live in Norcross, Georgia. 

Braces, Braces, and More Braces

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What are braces and how do they work?

Braces are devices fabricated out of either metal or a ceramic material that is "glued" to your teeth and allows a wire to be attached.  The wire is the part of the braces that allows for the tooth movement over time.  The position of the brackets (or braces)  placement relative to the tooth's root and the other teeth is a crucial part in determining the final position of the teeth.   The good news is Dr. Freedman has successfully treated over 4500 patients - placing over 108,000 brackets and this experience is necessary to achieve fantastic results.  


At every appointment, Dr. Freedman and his staff will evaluate the amount of movement of the teeth and determine if you are ready for the next wire.  Yes, wires are like orthodontists paintbrushes, there are endless numbers of types of wires that all have their specific function.  


Initially, all patients start with a Nickel Titanium wires (The metal in these wires was created out of rocket science while trying to create a better missile nose cone) that are super flexible and return their initial shape.  These wires have Nickel in them; so, it's really important to tell us that you are allergic if you are.   These wires help "loosen up the teeth" in the bone, and allow the teeth to move.  Once all the teeth are "straight" stiffer steel wires will allow us to close space if any exist and get the roots of the teeth into the correct position.   

Am I a candidate for Braces?

Fortunately, orthodontic treatment is an elective procedure, and as long as your dental health is adequate, we will very likely be able to help you achieve the smile you deserve.    


At Village Orthodontics we treat both children and adults of all ages.  Your first appointment will be a 20-30 minute appointment with Dr. Freedman where we will review your bite, the alignment of your teeth, your jaw joints, and your desire and goals to achieve with the treatment, as well as reviewing photos and an x-ray we may take during this appointment.  Most of our patients have issues including but certainly not limited to:


  • Crowding, Spacing or "gaps,"  Teeth outside the normal alignment of the jaws, teeth in the roof of the mouth

  • Overbite (can't see the lower teeth) 

  • Overjet (top front teeth stick out too far)

  • Open bite - teeth don't touch

  • Habits- thumb or finger sucking


Children beginning at age 7 should come and see us for a consultation - usually, everything will be fine the 6-year molars have erupted and the front teeth are erupting into place.   We will create a baseline to monitor issues that should be treated early - these typically include crossbites, both anterior and posterior 


Children aged 11-13 are typically at a great age for orthodontic treatment.  At this age, most if not all the adult teeth are usually erupted providing the shortest treatment time.   Also, if the upper and lower jaw do not fit together well, we can take advantage of growth, rubber bands, or other treatment to allow the bite to be corrected


Teenagers and young adults aged 14-21 are still at a wonderful age for orthodontic treatment.  All the adult teeth should have erupted and if not we will create a plan to help get the impacted tooth into place and straighten and align your teeth 


Adults are also great candidates for orthodontic treatment.  We will work with your dentist to create an interdisciplinary treatment plan if any dental work needs to be completed in conjunction with the orthodontic treatment.  Now is the best to correct your smile!

Cost of Braces

Just like your custom, result driven treatment plan, the price of your orthodontic treatment varies depending on the complexity of the tooth movement.  


After Dr. Freedman's consultation, our experienced financial coordinator will review the cost of the treatment with you, answer all your questions regarding cost, payments, or financing and show you how easy it is to afford the smile your deserve.   Village Orthodontics offers our patients in Dunwoody, Georgia affordable, no interest payment plan options.  We are partnered with most major PPO dental insurance carriers, and we offer discounts to patients who are able to pay for the treatment up front.  


We make paying for the braces convenient but accepting all major credit cards, Care Credit payments, and offering in office interest-free financing.


Ultimately, we want you to receive the highest level of Orthodontic Care in Norcross and love the whole experience from your first phone call to our office to the time you get your braces off.


Feel free to take a look at just some of our super happy patients who have been through braces and are smiling that much bigger now.

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