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Its Beginning- A Heartbeat for Village Orthodontics

After months of planning and years in the making, Village Orthodontics is coming to fruition. Our office is located in the Shops of Dunwoody, in Dunwoody Village. The design and architectural design took longer than expected due to the uniqueness that we wanted to deliver with our space. After practicing in multiple offices (all with the same group) for 5 years and helping to design and plan 7 offices, I know what I did and did not want for my patients in Dunwoody. I wanted to start in the treatment clinic- most orthodontists offices I have seen and worked in are called "open bays," basically its just a bunch of dental chairs in a room lined up with no separation between patients. It is designed to make it easier for the orthodontist to see more patients, walk around less, and see whats going on with all patients. This openness means that all patients can hear whats going on with your treatment, see your pictures on the computer, and provides little or no space for loved ones to come back with you. However, in a day when patient privacy should be a concern, I wanted to create an environment where treatment could be conducted but allow for parents, siblings, or friends to come and be with the patient if they wanted to. Come and see for yourself how nice it is to get braces without the whole clinic knowing your business :) !

An empty space

The next focus was on sterilization. We have a state of the art sterilization center, by A-dec, the number one producer to advanced stericenters, to ensure that the equipment used in our practice exceeds the strictest regulations. In addition to this, our team is trained with the latest CDC guidelines and procedures.

All Framed Up

The technology in the office is something that I am very proud of. It speaks to my geeky side, but more importantly helps in the diagnosis and planning of your treatment. We purchased the latest in 3d imaging to assist in growth analysis and determine spatially where impacted teeth are located in the jaws. The interactive TV lets us show you visually what we see in the consultation to help in our patient's education of their dental diagnosis. A 3d intraoral scanner will print 3d models so you can avoid the goopy impressions most of the time. There is so much to say here I'm going to leave it for another blog but for now enjoy the pictures of our progress.

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