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Adult Orthodontic Treatment at Village Orthodontics

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Today is the the oldest you've ever been and the youngest you'll every be again
"You are never too young to straighten your teeth, improve bite function and restore a more youthful smile"

At Village Orthodontics we want all patients no matter how young or old to achieve the smile that they want and have the right treatment goals and orthodontic knowledge to help you get the results you want.

Invisalign Trays Village Orthodontics

  • Adults (and teens too) can have the option of using a more esthetic, crystal clear brackets (braces) that when viewed from a few feet away makes the braces appear indistinguishable from the tooth.  

    • These braces although a little more fragile, allow us to use the same mechanics and treatment options as traditional metal braces to achieve highly predictable efficient tooth movement with complete control of torque and tip of the teeth for awesome results.​

  • For those really interested in speeding up their Invisalign OR braces treatment significantly we offer Acceledent Aura (I'm talking up to 50% reduced treatment time- HUGE!).  This patented, revolutionary technology needs to be just used 20 minutes per day to allow you to get your braces off so much sooner.

  • Invisalign is another option.  Invisalign treatment is described in detail here.  But essentially, Dr. Bret will have digital models made of your teeth and then use computer simulated stepwise movements to achieve a straight, biocompatible smile.  One new tray per computer generated step is individually milled for you and when worn in a series will allow your teeth to move as they did from the simulation.

  • No matter what at Village Orthodontics we will always present the treatment with will get you to the results you want in the FASTEST time possible.  Some offices call this Fast Track, or Fast Acting Braces, or some other euphemism, but they are typically using the same brackets and wires that they do on everyone and just speed up the intervals when they change the wires.  The teeth can only move so quickly in the bone (this is biology based) but we will work within this biocompatible movement range to accelerate you to the finished line.  We will always create an individualized treatment plan customized for you.

We offer adult patients unique options to make your treatment better:

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