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Invisalign - The Clear Choice

Am I a candidate for Invisalign?

Invisalign is a wonderful technology to straighten your teeth.  It provides incredible aesthetics during treatment and delivers excellent results.  It is very effective for patients with the following concerns: 


  • Crowding,

  • Spacing or "gaps,"  

  • Teeth outside the normal alignment of the jaws]

  • Overbite (can't see the lower teeth) 

  • Overjet (top front teeth stick out too far due to spaces)

  • Open bite - teeth don't touch


Children aged 13 or older or who have all their adult teeth erupted are typically at a great age for Invisalign.  At this age most if not all the adult teeth are usually erupted providing the shortest treatment time, and will not have to worry about needing additional scans to align teeth that weren't initially erupted.   


Adults are ideal Invisalign patients and we can make you so happy with your teeth and smile with optimal esthetics throughout the process


Please call Village Orthodontics today @ 678-745-5388 to schedule an appoint or email us.

How does Invisalign work ?

Invisalign treatment begins with an intraoral 3d scan or impressions of your teeth.  Dr. Bret works with Invisalign to align your teeth in a computer-generated 3-D model of your teeth.  Trays are then fabricated off these models that will gradually and carefully move your teeth into their correct position. These comfortable BPA-free clear plastic, nearly invisible trays are designed to not irritate your cheeks or tongue and be worn for about 22 hrs a day.   Every 2 weeks or so the trays are switched for new ones and over the course of all the trays your teeth will become straighter and you will fall in love with your smile.


Dr. Bret is very experienced in Invisalign treatment and is Invisalign certified. He even was an Invisalign patient, himself.    

Invisalign Treatment

Are you excited about straightening your teeth without braces?- you should be and Invisalign is your answer.  Invisalign is THE CLEAREST CHOICE IN ORTHODONTICS and has been tried and tested by over 4 million patients and there is no reason you can't be another success story.  Invisalign removed the traditional metal braces in favor of clear plastic trays for adults who want a more esthetic treatment option or for teens who have an active lifestyle and cannot wear braces.


 At Village Orthodontics located near Atlanta, Dr. Freedman and his staff strive every day to provide you with the highest level of care in a warm and caring environment.  The Invisalign treatment we offer is a commitment to excellence.  You will love your braces-less smile - just see what people are saying about us, and take a minute to view a sample of our results.  



See-Through Braces & get amazing results

How much does Invisalign cost?

Just like your custom result driven treatment plan, the price of your orthodontic treatment varies depending on your treatment plan.  


After Dr. Freedman's consultation, our experienced treatment and financial coordinator will review the cost of the treatment with you, answer all your questions regarding cost, payments, or financing and show you how easy it is to afford the smile your deserve.   Village Orthodontics offers our patients affordable no interest payment plan options, we are partnered with most major PPO dental insurance carriers, and we offer discounts to patients who are able to pay for the treatment up front.  


We make paying for the braces near Atlanta convenient by accepting all major credit cards, Care Credit payments, and offering in office interest-free financing.


Ultimately, we want you to receive the highest level of Orthodontic Care and love the whole experience from your first phone call to our office to the time you get your braces off.


Feel free to take a look at just some of our super happy patients who have been through braces and Invisalign and are smiling that much bigger now

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