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Top 5 Reasons to get Braces

Everybody wants that Hollywood smile, right? Whether you have spaces or crowding of the teeth or your teeth don't fit together properly, Dr. Bret Freedman and the team at Village Orthodontics can help you!

Here are 5 reasons to get braces:

5. Braces can improve your oral and overall health!

Health improvement with braces

The inflammation (puffy gums) caused by gingivitis and periodontal disease is linked to systemic health issues. Straightening the teeth makes it easier to keep your teeth and gums healthy and free of disease.

4. Braces will increase your self confidence and make you smile more!

Smile after Braces

It is proven that those who don't like their smile don't show their teeth as much and hide their smile under their top lip. Straight teeth gives people the confidence that they need to love their smile and show it off!

3. You want to save the enamel of your teeth and prevent TMD or Joint pain

When your bite is off the teeth do not fit together properly and it can be hard to have a comfortable bite. This can lead to grinding of the teeth and the wearing down of the enamel of the teeth. Overtime, it has been show that this grinding can lead to increased pressure and strain on the jaw joint which can lead to pain and discomfort of the joint. Braces can help improve your bite and decrease the wear of the teeth.

2. Your teeth move throughout life

If you don't like the appearance of your smile, unfortunately it will get worse throughout life. Your teeth continuously move during your life and most of the time they move to undesired or less attractive positions. With braces, we move the teeth to an ideal position for your smile and appearance and make you retainers so they stay where we put them.

1. Its never too late to get braces.

As long as your teeth and the bone supporting your teeth are healthy we can move your teeth at any age. Ideally, the best time for treatment is when all the adult teeth have erupted and growth is occurring - around 11-14 for most patients. However, there are issues such as cross bites that should be corrected in the mixed dentition (6-10) to help ensure proper growth of the jaws and eruption of the teeth.

Adult treatment is very popular, and with the latest clear braces and Inivisalign treatment options available we can fix almost all you orthodontic issues without metal braces that were once required. Technology has allowed us to move the teeth quicker and allow some orthodontic issues to get fixed in a year or less.

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